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Stadt Waechter1 2000

The market supervisor (Michael Gahr) and his apprentice Lukas (Marx Szackamer)


School doesn't always have to be boring - our educational films about the Middle Ages prove that. Shot at authentic medieval settings with a cinema film crew and strong actors, unusual little stories have sprung up, which are fun and stimulate thought and discussion in lessons and beyond.


Stadt Quacksalber1 2000

The Quack (Tony Woolf), who sends the curious market supervisor and his apprentice on a journey through time



Young Lukas is an apprentice of the market supervisor, who considers himself particularly clever and strict. Critically, he makes his walks around the market, without realizing what is happening behind his back. He has to settle a dispute over the bread-masses, or to exhort the fraudulent butter-merchant. When, however, he visits the quack, and tries one of his potions without permission, something inconceivable happens: He is swept through time, and awakens in the present.



  • Format: Arriflex 16 SR on 16 mm Fuji Negativ
  • Duration: 15 Minuten, Licht,- und Magnetton
  • Copy: Geyer Werke München



  • Michael Gahr, Tony Woolf, Volker Prechtl
  • Marc Szackamer, Berivan Kaya, Norbert Wartha, Karin Wirtz


Stadt Wehrgang Aufseher3 2000

The marketsupervisor (Michael Gahr), mistrusts anything and anyone



  • Camera & Steadicam: Jörg Widmer
  • Camera assistant: Martin Lorenz
  • Sound: William Franck
  • Sound assistant: Stefan Michalik
  • Equipment: Matthias Kammermeier
  • Baubühne: Harald Rüdiger
  • Requisiste: Barabara Becker
  • Innenrequisite: Isabel Zollner
  • Costume: Barbara Oichl
  • Costume assistant: Sybille von Pflug
  • Make-Up: Elisabth Bitzer
  • Lighting: Rainer Pichl
  • Sound mixing: Rainer Ottenweller
  • Editing: Agape Dorstewitz
  • Casting: Esma Yilmaz
  • Production: Dieter Horres
  • Aufnahmeleitung: Katharina Zollner
  • Fahrer: Rainer Horres
  • Music: Christian Knobel
  • Titel: Peter Rosenwanger
  • Written & Directed: Mathias Allary


Stadt Markt3x 2000

The unsatisfied customer (Berivan Kaya) doubts the measurements of the bread and complains